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sabre training

Sabre Training

Sabre on display in Dubai

Sabre Travel Network is the global business-to-business travel marketplace. It is used by a wide range of travel suppliers including around thousands of travel business including airlines, hotels, tour operators, rail carriers, car rental outlets and cruise lines.All of these companies use Sabre to promote, personalise and sell their products to travel management companies and thousands of travel agents around the world.

Sabre is the number one GDS in North America as well as many other countries around the world.  Your Sabre training will equip you with valuable skills which you can use in your travel career.

We offer a wide range of Sabre training courses.  Whether you’re looking for a Sabre course that covers the essentials or one will make you a Sabre expert – there’s a course for everyone! Once you have learnt Sabre it is quite easy to cross-train to another GDS like Amadeus and Galileo.

All courses are online, so you can learn at home or work – all in your own time.  You have 6 months to complete the course and there’s support all the way through if you need it. Click below to find out more about our courses or contact us for more info.

Available Courses:

Sabre – Introduction
This course provides you with a full introduction to the entire Sabre system. It is perfect for a beginner as it gives you 50 hours of training. This course includes: Flight Reservations, Automated Fares & Ticketing, Car Hire & Hotel Reservations
Sabre – Professional
This Sabre course provides you with comprehensive training in the Sabre GDS system. It is suitable for beginners as well as those with some prior knowledge of a GDS and will provide you with an expert level of knowledge in Sabre GDS. This expert course covers the follow subject is great detail. Prefer to pay by installments?  Pay £245 over 12 weeks here
Sabre – Conversion Course
Two courses for experienced users of Apollo and Galileo. The first course will leverage your knowledge of Apollo to teach you Sabre in a fraction of the time. The second course will do the same for experienced users of Galileo.
Sabre – Fares and Ticketing
This course has been developed with IATA and UFTAA this special course to teach fares and ticketing from the GDS perspective. Students are taught how to construct fares for complex international itineraries using the IATA/UFTAA Fare Formula and the Mileage System.
Sabre – Refresher
Ideal if you have used Sabre but could do with a quick 'brush up' to remind you how to use it. Please note: this course is only 10 hours long and users will need to move around the training course to suit their needs. Users may not have enough time to take all tests and exams.
Sabre – 20 Additional hours
20 additional hours to help you learn Sabre
Sabre – 10 Additional hours
10 additional hours to help you learn Sabre
Sabre – 5 Additional hours
5 additional hours to help you learn Sabre