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Online Travel Training

Travel and tourism is one of the world’s largest growth industries and it is one that can provide you with a dynamic range of career opportunities.

For some, the lure and attraction to travel the world, meeting people from every imaginable walk of life, is inescapable and if this sounds like you, then a career in the travel and tourism industry could be the right place to start.

With some of the most demanding yet satisfying jobs around the world to choose from competition within this dynamic industry can be fierce. Job satisfaction and ongoing perks are endless and once established within the Travel and Tourism industry the opportunity to take your skills across the world and back are numerous indeed. All you need is a passion for travel and the right set of skills to equip you for the challenging, yet highly rewarding, positions available with airlines, resorts and travel agencies worldwide. It wouldn’t be ‘over the top’ to say that travel is the hottest career on the planet!

online travel training
Get ahead in travel

So if you are really driven to work in Travel and Tourism it is essential for you to stand out from the crowd and to be noticed by potential employers and recruiters from a wide variety of nations. Getting noticed by these employers requires hard work, people skills and most importantly industry leading, relevant training and a passion for travel.

Travelling can be an expensive business and it is far better to see the world when you are being paid to do so.

For that to happen, you need to land that first job and begin working in the industry. This is why it is essential for you to be armed with as much knowledge and training as possible. This is so that you will be noticed by employers, the best way to gain that training and experience is through eLearning and online travel and tourism courses. Not only can it be a great way to boost your CV credentials but it is also a great way to make sure that you are noticed when it comes to the recruitment process.  There are many free product training courses which you can access for free such as Online Travel Academy.

Global Distribution Systems (GDS)

Global Distribution Systems for fares and ticketing is an internationally recognised Computer Reservation System (CRS). GDS is utilised around the world to book airline tickets, car hire and accommodation and comprises several different software packages. It is an indispensable prerequisite to be trained and competent using GDS if you are looking to enter most areas of the Travel and Tourism industry and is virtually your passport to this extremely rewarding career path. Take a look at this live job feed to see for yourself.

Regardless of whether your plans involve going into business for yourself or you are looking to work with an established travel agency, GDS training will give you an invaluable edge over your competition. Amadeus, Apollo, Galileo and Sabre are just a few of the composite packages used for travel and accommodation bookings and it is important for you to figure out which GDS are most applicable to the type of work that you want to do.

It certainly won’t hurt to be familiar with as many of these systems as possible and the course(s) you choose to complete should be offered by a reputable training organisation. During your training, you will learn about the impacts of tourism, a variety of different tourism markets, industry sectors and their services, major tourism bodies and environmental issues.

This will enhance your career opportunities and familiarise you with the growing importance of e-business. You will also learn to correctly identify the various sources of information on the tourism industry.

The course will allow you to gain industry knowledge, monitor current issues of concern within the industry and focus on the importance of sharing up to date information with your clients.