Get a job in travel – my story

Get a job in travel

I had always seen myself in a travel job since I took my first trip when I was five years old. The business fascinated me even as a child. The chance to deal with people from all over the world and travel to all of the most interesting places in the world without spending much of my own money was a lure I could not resist by the time I became 18. I hope my story helps you get a job in travel soon.

I got some advice from a school job counselor and despite being young I was smart enough to take her advice. She told me that the world was not waiting for me to come on the stage and that if I really wanted a travel job and a career in the travel industry then I needed training.

How to get a job in travel
Helen enjoying her first US trip

I learned that I could acquire the technical skills that travel job employers expected while I looked for my first position in the industry. I did not go to the formal school routine to get the travel job training I needed.

I used free travel eLearning courses. This method of instruction fitted my schedule, was easy on my finances, and offered a huge selection of technical training and personal skills training that are mandatory for a travel job. The thing I liked the most about eLearning travel courses was that I could train when I wanted to and still look for a position.
I also invested in learning a GDS, in my case, Galileo.

I quickly learned that a travel job is much more of a sales job than I had thought. I was taught how to listen for content and keywords that indicated what a potential client really wanted. I learned how to market services and perks to any person from any country. I was trained to be a brand representative.

To help me get a job i travel I began attending travel events. The idea is that travel events give you a broad choice of potential employers and a feel for the company that you want to work for. The events are not hiring events but nothing stops you from presenting your credentials to some of the most influential sales people and public relations managers from the best companies. I did some traveling on my own dime to get to some of the events and it paid off in the offer of my first travel job.

I also found that following travel companies on social media was very useful.  It enabled me to keep up to date with trends and learn more about products and connect with leading influencers.  I recommend you follow travel social media accounts.

Getting a travel job was tough. The hectic pace of interviews, training, and going to events can make you lose confidence in yourself when no one seems to want you. I kept on believing in myself and my dreams. My travel eLearning courses helped boost my confidence tremendously. The training made me much more attractive to employers.

I landed my first travel job as an Product Executive for a North American specialist. Yes. I get to experience the best of the world while I work. My experience has taught me that my next promotion will come through more eLearning courses, more events and doing a great job for my company.  Hope this helps you get a job in travel! – Helen Harrison