About Us

GDS Genie is a company based in the London providing high-quality GDS training to the global travel industry.

GDS Genie Team
GDS Genie Team

The company was launched by Bruce Martin, a well-known travel industry professional with over 25 years of working in travel.
Bruce has helped hundreds of people become GDS experts. He has over 10 years travel recruitment and travel training experience.

GDS Genie is a small, friendly team of travel professionals – ready and willing to assist you in your choice of the best GDS training to get your travel career off to a flying start.

We work from a small office in North London which is also the head office of Ginger Juice – a leading social media agency for travel & tourism.
Trading address: 36 London Road, Enfield, London, EN2 6EF

GDS Genie is supported by Travel Uni the leading supplier of product elearning for the travel industry.  It’s free to join and offers a huge number of online courses covering travel, tourism, airlines, cruise etc.

We are also supported by Travel Gossip – the largest and most influential online community in travel.

GDS Genie Ltd (company number 10181379) registered address: Parkhill Business Centre, Walton Road, Wetherby, West Yorkshire, LS22 5DZ