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The only online resource dedicated to GDS training helps agents become proficient in the big three – Galileo, Amadeus and Sabre

GDS Genie, the world’s first online resource dedicated to GDS training, is out of the bottle.
The new portal, which helps agents become proficient in the three main GDS systems – Galileo, Amadeus and Sabre – is the brainchild of travel trade training and social media expert, Bruce Martin.

Located online at, GDS Genie is a one-stop shop for GDS training, and fills a gap in the market for a resource that helps agents upskill, particularly those who are new to the profession.

“A career in travel is much sought-after and many jobs are advertised asking for GDS experience, but it’s not easy to get official training from GDS companies unless you already work in travel; it’s a Catch-22 situation,” explained Martin.
“GDS Genie enables people to learn how to use GDS via a high-quality ‘emulated’ platform. Learning a GDS increases the chances of candidates getting job offers and means they can hit the ground running.”
GDS Genie is the only online portal to solely focus on GDS training.
“Some companies sell it as an add-on to their core business offering, so we’ll be different,” explained Martin.

GDS Genie will target people looking to forge a career in the travel industry, as well as experienced agents who would like to upskill.

The venture is being launched with two long-term distribution partners – social media strategy firm Ginger Juice, which was founded by Martin, and the Online Travel Academy, both of which have a “huge relevant global database”, the GDS Genie boss said.

“I have more than a decade of experience selling GDS courses, which are in hot demand. The travel industry is so popular and competition for jobs is tough, so knowing how to use a GDS can really boost someone’s chances of getting ahead,” said Martin.