Travel Social Media

Travel Social Media

travel social media

Social media has exploded into our world and none more so that travel.  Travel social media is a hugely influential medium used by brands and individuals alike to learn and connect with the world. Social media can have valuable advantages, as more clients offer on particular subjects. Similarly, social media in travel has made a huge impact on how the travel industry carries out its administration and services as well as the immense benefits it has gained from individuals sharing their own time that they spent travelling on holiday!

Facebook and twitter are one of the prime destinations for sharing life occasions and travel related posts. 52 percent of clients reviewed said their companion’s photographs motivated travel arranges, and 76 percent present their vacation photographs on social platforms.  Amid vacation research, 55 percent of those people that liked a travel and destination page had something to do with the excursion they were arranging. This is an essential touch-point for travel brands, as social media is an imperative examination apparatus for vacationers. On the off chance that a brand can introduce itself to a vacationer then it could impact those 33 percent that change lodgings, or the 7 percent that change their destination.

Brands can likewise impact potential clients as they research their potential excursions. Funny posts compelling followers  toward taking vacations, posting stunning pictures, connecting with buyers who connect, and making brand supporters are all awesome approaches to draw in clients and conceivably push them toward your image.  Since most people use social media on mobiles it makes it even more easier for people to stay in touch with one another and are influenced by other people’s excursions to help them decide on their own. Travel social media is a great way to connect with people and brands!

Besides being a powerful marketing tool social media in travel can also help you establish key connections, find reliable sources, as well as providing you with crucial knowledge of what’s trending and what’s likely to be the next big thing in travel. Check out our friends at Ginger Juice who offer great advice and training on travel social medial.


Getting a travel job

Getting a Travel Job – how to get your dream position

A job in the travel industry is one of the world’s most popular careers. Many people love to have travel as part of their job; travelling the world and meeting new people. But exactly how do you get a job in travel? Getting a travel job can be tough. An occupation in the travel industry is one of the most sought after occupations. We have a few pointers for you to consider when trying to get ahead in travel. Read more

Get a job in travel – my story

Get a job in travel

I had always seen myself in a travel job since I took my first trip when I was five years old. The business fascinated me even as a child. The chance to deal with people from all over the world and travel to all of the most interesting places in the world without spending much of my own money was a lure I could not resist by the time I became 18. I hope my story helps you get a job in travel soon.

I got some advice from a school job counselor and despite being young I was smart enough to take her advice. She told me that the world was not waiting for me to come on the stage and that if I really wanted a travel job and a career in the travel industry then I needed training. Read more

Online Travel Training – Getting Ahead In Travel

Online Travel Training

Travel and tourism is one of the world’s largest growth industries and it is one that can provide you with a dynamic range of career opportunities.

For some, the lure and attraction to travel the world, meeting people from every imaginable walk of life, is inescapable and if this sounds like you, then a career in the travel and tourism industry could be the right place to start.

With some of the most demanding yet satisfying jobs around the world to choose from competition within this dynamic industry can be fierce. Job satisfaction and ongoing perks are endless and once established within the Travel and Tourism industry the opportunity to take your skills across the world and back are numerous indeed. All you need is a passion for travel and the right set of skills to equip you for the challenging, yet highly rewarding, positions available with airlines, resorts and travel agencies worldwide. It wouldn’t be ‘over the top’ to say that travel is the hottest career on the planet! Read more

Travel Job Interview Tips

Travel Job Interview Tips

There’s no denying job interviews can be an overwhelming task, so here’s our top travel job interview tips. It’s anything but difficult to follow up at a travel job interview by neglecting to specify key accomplishments, or confusing inquiries totally.

So what’s the answer? Prior preparations  of course, and that implies arranging answers to mainstream interview questions well before you slip on your best suit and venture out the same way you came in. Follow these tips and you should have a favorable chance at securing yourself the position you want! Read more

Travel Events – The key to success

Travel Events

Travel industry events networking is key to your travel career progression.

Travel events are a great way to learn about the travel industry and meet interesting people, know about the latest trends, learn about the interests of travelers worldwide as well as be able to offer and inform about your own services. All this becomes much easier and more effective as you are interacting in a professional environment provided during a travel event.

Meeting With Suppliers

At such events you can meet suppliers and build a network with them. This ensures you’re your clients are able to get good facilities throughout the year. This is a nice way to meet people if you are offering low budget options. You would be able to meet the right kind of people and know how you would be able to fit in your budget travelers and provide them the best options. Read more

Learn a GDS – get ahead in travel!

Learn a GDS

GDS System (Global Distribution System) is a distribution system utilized by travel management organizations and online travel operators to book carrier tickets, inns, autos and travels. If you decided to learn a GDS it will not only just help you on your travels but also broaden your career possibilities significantly.

Learning a GDS  from significant GDS systems like, Saber, Galileo,  Abacus and Infini, have countless benefits  but some of the more prominent are as follows. Read more


Read our launch press release below:

The only online resource dedicated to GDS training helps agents become proficient in the big three – Galileo, Amadeus and Sabre

GDS Genie, the world’s first online resource dedicated to GDS training, is out of the bottle.
The new portal, which helps agents become proficient in the three main GDS systems – Galileo, Amadeus and Sabre – is the brainchild of travel trade training and social media expert, Bruce Martin.

Located online at, GDS Genie is a one-stop shop for GDS training, and fills a gap in the market for a resource that helps agents upskill, particularly those who are new to the profession.

“A career in travel is much sought-after and many jobs are advertised asking for GDS experience, but it’s not easy to get official training from GDS companies unless you already work in travel; it’s a Catch-22 situation,” explained Martin.
“GDS Genie enables people to learn how to use GDS via a high-quality ‘emulated’ platform. Learning a GDS increases the chances of candidates getting job offers and means they can hit the ground running.”
GDS Genie is the only online portal to solely focus on GDS training.
“Some companies sell it as an add-on to their core business offering, so we’ll be different,” explained Martin.

GDS Genie will target people looking to forge a career in the travel industry, as well as experienced agents who would like to upskill.

The venture is being launched with two long-term distribution partners – social media strategy firm Ginger Juice, which was founded by Martin, and the Online Travel Academy, both of which have a “huge relevant global database”, the GDS Genie boss said.

“I have more than a decade of experience selling GDS courses, which are in hot demand. The travel industry is so popular and competition for jobs is tough, so knowing how to use a GDS can really boost someone’s chances of getting ahead,” said Martin.